Tidbits and Norwegian habits

I have some new goals, and though I'm hesitant to share them here (or share too much about projects I'm working on, as they will change plus involve others... better to wait, methinks), I'll say some few things: 

I've gotten a grant to do a project related to the beadings, which is both TERRIFYING and absolutely thrilling. I feel very lucky, and very un-Scandi to be bragging about it here. I have some ideas, and it will take a slightly different form than this I hope (it should develop anywyas). More to come on that. And in that vein I'm also planning to show these works FINALLY, and this will likely happen in December but THAT IS STILL SECRET.

Funnily, second piece of "news" is that I am super super super bored of the beadings that I've been so proud of on social media and here on this famed blog AND have gotten money to do more of. And I'm sick of them. Serejuslay, so tired. But that's okay, I'm thinking it's just downtime or something. Moms with newborn babies have that, right? Like, tired periods? Where that baby is just... crying so much. Well, not to equate my "burden" with theirs, all I'm saying is that making art with only ones own deadlines is 1. challenging and 2. supa liberating.

Can't remember what was supposed to be here... I'm working on some more, uh, daring? pieces now, but don't really want to show them because I've suddenly realized that NOTHING LEAVES THE INTERNET and I LIVE IN NORWAY WHICH IS SUDDENLY MUCH SMALLER and it feels like I'm related to everybody, so I'll keep that a secret too! For the time being. 

There are more exciting projects for next year also, for which it seems I'll be needing a ridiculous sum of money. I don't know if that's really good or really bad... As in, does it make me more of a real artist that I'm planning to apply for at least 25,000 Norwegian kroner ($3700 roughly)? Or more I-come-from-a-stupidly-rich-country-that-still-has-half-decent-arts-coverage?