Some updates and joyous news!

It's been a while, I know. There are several reasons for this that are absolutely uninteresting for me to go into as they mostly involve me spending my days mowing lawns and planting flowers on a graveyard in Oslo. Fine, I went into it anyway, because I honestly really enjoy it, though it naturally gives me much less time to work and to write. 

BUT I have still found SOME time, and I always have time to read yeses or noses from people I've begged for money from. That sentence turned out a bit weird... Mostly it's noses, but I can finally say that I've gotten a yes, or actually, SEVERAL yeses! Alright, two yeses. I won't say too much about the second one because nothing's been finalized and I'd hate to come crawling back and say it didn't work out, but I can at least disclose the first one and what this wonderful, sumptuous and highly desirable yes will mean for me. 

As I have subtly disclosed in this interview I am going to Japan in the middle of the summer! I was going to do this anyways, but now I have also been given a gorgeous and generous grant to do so, from the Scandinavia-Japan Sasakawa Foundation. I know, I know, not supposed to brag, being both Norwegian and a flink pike (look it up, it's a rather common syndrome in Norwegian females, young and old), but I will. The trip to Japan will be month-long, and I'm going to spend my time there participating in an indigo- and shibori workshop led by Bryan Whitehead (this is his blog, which is so well-written and poetic) outside of Tokyo and traveling around the country visiting different places that are important to Japanese textile traditions and crafts. More on this later. I have also received homework, and I MAY or may not disclose the progress, but having been without homework for a year now I find that I'm totally out of the habit... As I prepare for the trip by doing research and DOING HOMEWORK (just have to actually write that) I will try to keep blogging about it, and I will naturally blog about the trip in da real time, as it iz happening. 

Preview of homework. Not sure if this will work out, but we shall see!